Scented or Unscented, we offer the best eye pillows, neck wraps, buckwheat pillows, yoga accessories and sustainable stress relief products on the web.

Gently weighted eye pillows block out light and help relax the muscles behind and around the eyes and nose which can then trigger a relaxation response in the muscles in the cheeks, jaw, chin and neck.    Learn More…

Why our products are different.

We offer the widest selection of scents and fabrics, including 100% organic sateen cottons from Harmony Art.  We use only organic flax seed and the highest quality essential oils.   All of our products are completely eco-friendly and sustainable.

All scented eye pillows are packaged in reusable zippered vinyl bags and come with complimentary refill drops.  Unscented eye pillows are packaged in reusable, draw string organza gift bags and come with complimentary earplugs. All eye pillows come with a guarantee.